Who We Are: ParentingHelp is a collaborative partnership between the following agencies:
• Arrow Child and Family Ministries

• Baylor Teen Clinic
• Collaborative for Children
• DePelchin Children's Center
• Harris County Protective Services
• University of Texas Health Science Center – Memorial Hermann

What We Do / What We Are: ParentingHelp is a program to help all families in Harris County be able to access no cost programs and services to support them as they do the most important job of all, raising our children. ParentingHelp partners provide support services to parents and caregivers based on the family situation and what goals the family wants to achieve. Parenting is hard and children do not come with an instruction manual, but ParentingHelp is here to provide some guidance and help families feel more positive, happier and healthier.

All ParentingHelp services are provided at no cost and are supported by HOPES – a DFPS program that funds services for families with a child zero-five.