Who We Are

ParentingHelp is a program designed to assist parents and families experiencing difficulties in raising their children. This program operates through unique partnerships with a variety of Texas organizations.

Our Partners

In Harris and surrounding counties, ParentingHelp partners with following agencies:

• Collaborative for Children
• DePelchin Children’s Center
• Harris County Resources for Children and Adults

In Galveston and surrounding counties, ParentingHelp is a collaboration between the following agencies:

• Collaborative for Children
• DePelchin Children’s Center

In Bexar County, ParentingHelp is part of a joint effort led by United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County in conjunction with Ready Kids SA and several other community partners.

What We Do
ParentingHelp is a program available to all families in the funded service areas. It is designed to provide no-cost, easily accessible services to assist in doing the most important job of all—raising our children. ParentingHelp partners deliver support to parents and caregivers based on the family situation and goals the family wishes to achieve. Parenting can be hard and children do not come with an instruction manual. So ParentingHelp provides insightful guidance and strives to aid participating families in attaining a happier, healthier and more positive outlook.

No Cost
All ParentingHelp services are provided at no cost and are supported by HOPES, a DFPS program that funds services for families with children from birth to age five.